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Unlock a new world of interactive learning for your kids

MercuryED enables children to explore interests through olympiads, masterclasses, kits, and interactive experiences, positively influencing their future success.

What is your child picking today?

I want to be an Astronomera World Leaderan Eco Warrior a Tech Futurista Finance Whizz

Our Offerings

Features to establish a positive learning experience for your kids.

Explore everything
you want to be

MercuryEd Explore

Provides access to more than 50 interest areas to choose from

Guided by the
world's best

MercuryEd Experts

Provides access to a community of the world's foremost experts

Compete. Create. Experience.

MercuryEd Collection

Provides Widest range of differentiated learning experiences. Micro-lessons | Live lectures | Daily tasks | Mega-competitions

Show the world.
Be proud.

MercuryEd Showcase

Provides opportunities to compete with other wunderkids and show the world your work.

Earn as you learn

MercuryEd Rewards

Provides access to a road to becoming a wunderkid is filled with rewards to be unlocked.

We Turbocharge your child’s intellectual growth through

Nurturing your child's interests and allowing them to develop their potential.

Access to accredited leading content and experienced partners.

Building through each child's individual learning preference.

Access to unique learning experiences

Opportunity to compete and collaborate on a global stage.

A gamified approach to learning with milestone based rewards and levels.

Stay current with our
special purpose content

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Our Partners

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MercuryEd's learning experiences are designed to delve deep within a range of varied interests. We leverage the world's foremost experts to guide these learning outcomes. Through a mix of physical and digital delivery mechanisms, we ensure children not only stay engaged but also participate in their area of interest.

No. We cater to children between ages 7-13 and help them explore their interests. The natural progression is to pursue this further via its academic path or internships which are not covered by MercuryEd.

Wunderkid groups are interest groups with four modules: Olympiads, masterclasses, kits and books, tours and camps. You can choose any number of modules under all your interest areas independently. 

We would suggest signing up for the 'Olympiad' in that particular interest area. Olympiads offer children basic, interactive content to know more about that space, take a test, and submit their creations for showcase. If you see your child doing well in the Olympiad and want to know more, you could try the more advanced offerings in the same area. Alternatively, you can choose a different area your child expresses interest in.

No. MercuryEd offerings are a mix of

-Tests & showcase events


-Live lectures

-Daily challenges


-Kit, Projects and Book recommendations

- Tours & Camps to be a part of

These are a mix of online and in real life, offline experiences.

Yes. The digital experiences (tests, online showcase, lessons, live lectures) are available across the world. For kits/books that we ship, we charge a small shipping fee in addition to the product price for our international customers. You are free to attend our showcase events virtually or travel to the location nearest to you.

By participating in the MercuryEd Olympiads, your child gets to know where they stand in a specific area. They will receive a certificate from an accreditation body once they complete the Olympiad. In a lot of ways, it is a starting point to help identify your child's interest in an area and their capability. Our advanced offerings such as Masterclasses, Kits, Books, Camps are designed to help your child explore this area in greater detail. We also have a series of certifications from our accreditation partners to help your child develop mastery in their interest area.

MercuryEd aggregates content from niche content providers, translating their content into one of our proven, interactive formats (Olympiads, Masterclasses, Kits, Tours). This ensures children get access to the best content. We also work with accreditation bodies like UNIC, NASA Explorer Schools who certify this content and issue certificates for participating kids. That said, MercuryEd will be responsible for putting all this together and bringing alive the different experiences alive for your child as a unified experience.

We have set up a series of milestone-led rewards to help children stay motivated in their learning journey. Additionally, all participating children get certificates issued by our global accreditation partners that further motivates them.